The big event for March was the "Girls Trip to London". All but Kelly and Sarah made a one-week journey to London to see the sights. Here are Jen, Lucy, Katherine and Wendy having tea and wine in a gold-plated room somewhere near Buckingham Palace. Fortunately, they were at a Harry Potter show far from the Westminster Bridge when an ISIS attack occurred. They had a great time.

Doug and the boys (Reid on left, John on right) came up to for a short visit to High Meadow after the girls returned. Usually they would be skiing down at Berkshire East in MA., but I think the season had ended there. There still was snow on the ground up here, so there was plenty of sledding. Obviously, this was a peaceful moment for all of us.

Another get-away from the never-ending snowstorms up in the North Country was our cruise trip to the Western Caribbean in April. Our group included Stew and Linda Everard, Judy Bell and Jeanette Heidmann. We sailed out of Fort Lauderdale on a 2000-passenger boat - not the 5000's that you see as we pulled away. It was a great time, although, for me, not as warm as I thought it would be.

In early May, Wendy and I headed down to Glastonbury to visit friends, but the feature was a birthday party held at Reid Hanford's house in Ivoryton to celebrate Reid's, Steve's and Joan's mother, Gladys Hanford's 100th birthday. There were about 30 of Gladys's relative there - Gladys is Wendy's godmother. She is doing pretty well, although her memory is starting to slip - normal when you hit 100.

Sometime around the tenth of May, the last of the snow piles melted and shortly thereafter we bagan to see activity in the meadow. There were two Mama Bears with their offspring chewing the grass. This was the second - it looks like these three cubs were born this year. We also saw Papa once, by himself, and another Mama with two yearlings. And also a return of Freddy Fox. Foxes are always welcomed as they eat the rodents.

Memorial Day Weekend we had a houseful. Jim, Kelly and daughters arrived as did Mike and Britt Schatz with Grady and Kellen. Irv Miglietta was to come up also, but deferred because of a head cold. Everybody did their own thing - Jim went for a monster hike in the 4000-ftrs, the Schatz's went to the opening of Storyland and to the Jackson Wildquack Duck race, and Jim and Mike started converting High Meadow from halogen bulbs to LED lights. We thank Irv for the steaks that he bought for us.

Spring 2017