January was a tough month in the North Country. It seemed to snow every day - not much, but enough that the roads and driveways had to be plowed incessantly. We had no visitors, but did get over to visit Wayne, Linda and Linda's mom (Jennie) in their new home in Sweden, ME. The temperature was usually below freezing. I am sure that the skiers loved January.

February brought more snow than we have ever had at High Meadow. There were two blizzards in the North that dropped about two feet of snow. Usually, I plow the driveway, but the banks got too high for the Kubota, so Chris Matte, our plowman, brought his Caterpillar out and moved the banks out of the way. In the middle of the month, the temperatures rose and the melting began.

Jim and family came up President's weekend of school vacation. Here we are enjoying the sunshine. Jim is on the left and daughter Katherine on the right. Katherine, now at Babson, drove herself up for the long weekend. Wayne and Linda came over from Maine to visit with everyone.

Granddaughter Sarah brought her friend Zoe up to enjoy the sledding at High Meadow. The sledding was fantastic, but getting the sleds back up the hill must have been exhausting. The snow was light and fluffy, so you just sank to the bottom - and it was three feet deep!

Also, the Schatz's family came up from Glastonbury that weekend so there were 11 of us enjoying the snow. Here is Kelly between Mike and Britt. Mike brought a big tube with them and the kids had a ball. We all went to the Thompson House Eatery for dinner - the Thompson House just re-opened after having closed down four years ago. It was a great evening.

Mike and Britt's boys, Kellen, age 4, and Grady, age 6, are getting bigger. They know where all the toys are stored at High Meadow and had a ball. In addition to the time here they went skating at the Ham Arena in North Conway and went for a horse-drawn sleigh ride at Nestlenook Farm here in Jackson. Unfortunately, grandfather Irv Miglietta had to stay in Glastonbury to cover the real estate sales.

January - February 2017