John's workstation in about as picked-up a condition as it gets. The two CRT monitors service one Mac. The photo among the diplomas and certificates hanging on the wall is of a projectile travelling at Mach 5 through a detonable mixture - my ScD thesis. If it is obscure to you, that is fitting, as the thesis would be as well.
The bookcase was built to survive an atomic blast - I don't like to see sagging shelves and some of these old Pennsylvania county histories weigh a ton. The collection is mostly realted to the Hopkin Thomas genealogy project, computer books and current records. Does anyone know what to do with old text books? No room for them here.
The McVey family photographs. The bottom four are of father John I.'s (left) siblings. The large center photo is thought to be their father - it was prominently displayed in Margaret's home. No similar photo of their mother was located.
The Thomas family photographs. Hopkin Thomas is hanging slightly askew at the top right. Son James Thomas is at the left. The bottom row is my generation - when we were all a bit younger. I am on the left and sister Ruth on the right. Above mother Ruth Thomas McVey is grandmother Ruth Thomas McKee, daughter of James Thomas
Finally, a place to hang those patent awards that were piled in a cardborad box! The ornaments hanging among the patents are college engineering society bric-a-brac. Does anyone know what a 'bent' is? Does any one see a Carnot Cycle T-S diagram?
This space ir reserved for the railroad memoriabilia wall hangings.

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