Grandy's Hangout




This project entailed extending the hot air (heating) duct and return air ducts to the Future Space. The 6" x 8" sheet-metal stub-outs and control wiring were already in place - part of the original construction. Adapters were affixed to the heating stub-outs allowing standard 6" insulated ducting to be attached - the ducting was run behind a knee wall to the Future Space. The ceiling rafters had to be shimmed to take out the unevenness of the original framing. Cold-roof construction was used with chutes atop the insulation (not visible) ducting air from the eaves to a ceiling passage that discharges into the Future Space.
Hanging the ceiling sheet rock was a joy for a one-man operation! Various props were made to jam the 4 x 8 sheets in place and screws were quickly driven before the sheet could fall and crush the installer. The lighting chosen was 4 4-foot, double lamp fluorescent troffers. A lighting expert would call this overkill, but with Grandy about to stuff the closet with all sorts of material, much of the light would get blocked. A fire door, similar to the one shown here was hung at the other end of the room - that end had been a framed wall covered with fire-rated sheet-rock. Now it is possible to pass through the Hangout to the Future Space. This is the route that the grandchildren will take on a cold winter night to get to their bunks.
Looking toward the Future Space from the master bedroom closet, we see that Grandy has done her thing. There are two stout metal hanging rods that run the length of the room. You see one here, the other is to the right of this one. How does Grandy get to it? On her hands and knees I would guess - it is as full of 'stuff' as the one you can see. Except for the built-in shoebox holder, the left-hand side remained open territory so that any champion 'stuffer' could do her thing.
Two small chests from Glastonbury fit neatly against the knee-wall. I am sure that the drawers are stuffed with goodies, but how does one get the drawers open? By sliding all those plastic boxes on the floor. I guess that is why we selected a carpet with a tight weave - better sliding capability.

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