Anniversary Party

The day of our party, the first thing we did was to gather the grandchildren and have Katherine drive them to Storyland. Then we could get to work.

When the kids returned, they put on their party clothes. Here are the Boxford daughters.


We are set to go in mid-afternoon. Sister Ruth from Montisi, Italy had been with us for three weeks as we prepared for the event.

The tent was set up and the tables are ready. Our thanks to Jen for all her hard work in preparing the tables, ironing the table cloths, etc.

Each of the tables was named after the local summits.

Everyone was assigned a table.  There was lots of glassware and flowers.

We are ready to go. The serving table is on the dance floor. We hired a DJ whose post was just to the le


The bar was on the patio where it had been for all the prior weddings, etc


Mike Flynn was the bar-tender (right-side). Mike works all over the country and had recently returned to the White Mountains where he has been at the Wentworth. Tht’s Jeff Noordsy, Mike Flannaghan, and Jen being served. Jerry Hoinachi is in the background.

 Liz Jackson from Libby’s in Gorham did the catering – this is her crew.  Liz also catered our weddings.

We were blessed by the weather.  The pre-dinner gathering was held in the full sun. We also had tables set up in the shade.

Stan and Karen Abell are facing the photographer. Stan (from Ft. Meyers, FL)  got the prize for traveling the longest distance to the party. Karen had been up for a few weeks. Karen is Wendy’s long-term friend having lived next to the Merrick’s on Forrest St. in E. Hartford.  With them are Mary and Al Schubert, from Mattapoisett – hikers from the Alps and skiers in Jackson.

Back in the shade are long-term friends Mary and Frank Biancardi and Deb Hass. (Bob Hass was the photographer).  Frank and Mary, from So. Windsor, CT and Deb and Bob from Coventry, CT were John’s pals from UTRC and are frequent visitor


Well, here they all are. On the left, Sheri and Todd Eckbreth along-side Barbara and Alan (holding Bryce); then the Bells, the Biancardi’s with Loretta in front and Don Noordsy behind; then Sandy Noordsy; then Mary Schubert with Al behind; then Ruth with Kelly in front; then former neighbors Carl and Amy Carvell, with Stan peeking over Carl’s shoulder and Karen in back of Amy; in back, Jeff and Holly Noordsy; then in front of Wendy, Doug, Jen and family along with Grady Schatz; I’m next to Wendy with former neighbors Joyce and Hal Buckingham looking over my shoulders; then Bob and Deb Hass with son Jim in the back; then in the front, Irv Miglieatta, daughter Britt (holding Kellen) with Mike Schatz peering in from the right; in the back are Wayne and Linda with daughter Dana and husband Mike Flanaghan in the back; and that’s Katherine in front of Bill and Linda Merrick on the far  right.   So who’s missing?  Where are Jerry Hoinachi and Joanne Middleton Hoinachi?

Now it’s dinner time. The line forms to the left at the rear of this table. Oh, there’s Jerry and Joanne so I guess thet stayed for dinner. That’s bartender Mike Flynn querying Jeff about the wine. On Jeff’s left are Holly and Jen; son’s Jim (hair) and Doug (no hair) are in the foreground.

Here, patiently awaiting their call to the dinner line, are Al and Mary Schubert, Barbara and Alan Eckbreth, Don and Sandy Noordsy and Carl and Amy Carvell.  The Carvell’s came up to Kezar Lake in Maine where Hal and Joyce Buckingham have a ‘cottage’.

 After dinner, I gave a speech where I tried to recognize everybody, then Jim and Doug came up to give Wendy and me congratulations on achieving No. 50.

Then the dancing began.  It was clear that the younger set enjoyed the dancing more than the seasoned veterans.


Even Bryce enjoyed dancing at High Meadow!

The next day some of our guests made it back to High Meadow before their trip home. Here are Wendy’s brother Bill and Lynn Merrick from Northford, CT.

And here is our Best Man from our wedding of 50 years ago.  Don and Judy have lived on Cape Cod for many years now and Don is still teaching “Gathering and Preparing Cape Cod Seafood’ at the Cape Cod Community College.

Well it’s all over now.  Ruth will be headed back to Italy, the kids will be back in school, and the parents will be headed back to work.